If there is one piece of universal common knowledge for real estate investors, it’s that private bridge loans are the most accessible and fastest type of commercial real estate loan when you need to close a purchase. They are optimized for quick turnarounds, too, so it’s easy to see how they have come to dominate the home flipping investment market. What many new investors miss is that the right bridge loan package can close the deal on a variety of other investment opportunities, including some long-term strategies beyond improving and reselling the building.

1. Medical and Office Park Investments

Commercial properties geared toward professional services and healthcare are common quick turns for investors that are looking to sell to other investors seeking turnkey-ready facilities that meet the needs of today’s growing market for outpatient clinical services and surgeries. It’s a growth area in many cities, and there are plenty of existing properties that could meet the needs of today’s tenants with the right improvements. Using bridge loans to fund this investment gives you a chance to make the short-term profit from the sale or to refinance into a long-term commercial mortgage after you have improved the facilities and filled it with tenants.

2. Multifamily Housing

Duplexes, quadruplexes, and even apartment buildings can be funded with bridge loans as long as you can meet the down payment and collateral requirements. Using the same strategies you could employ in the medical office marketplace for multifamily housing, you have the opportunity to use a bridge loan for the improvement period, then either resell or refinance to meet your final goals for realizing a return on the investment.

3. Shopping Center Rehab

Retail and food service businesses are booming in the post-COVID recovery economy, and new startups are seeking affordable occupancy-ready spaces to suit their business models. That makes unoccupied and outdated commercial shopping centers an ideal investment to improve, regardless of your strategy for realizing a return and eventually exiting the property. This niche is always active as older centers get outdated and need revitalization, but for the next couple of years it should be especially lucrative in most areas. As always, research your local market and neighborhood so you can buy smart.

Bridge Loans From Hard Money Lenders

Commercial real estate loans designed around the short-term market are not always easy to get, but they are accessible when compared to bank loans. If you are prepared to make an investment and you need financing to cover your costs beyond improvement capital and a down payment, start researching private lenders in your area that specialize in the real estate investment market.