Email is one of the least expensive ways for companies to reach out to both prospective and current customers to generate more sales. However, not all of your email marketing efforts will produce results and boost site traffic. You need to be strategic about how you format emails. The average consumer is likely to receive dozens of emails every day that they won’t bother to open. In order to keep your emails relevant amid the bombardment, you need to speak to people personally and display compelling content. Here are some effective ways to get the most out of your emails.

Write Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

An email’s subject line is going to be the first thing that will shape someone’s opinion about whether they want to read or ignore an email. Choose your verbiage carefully and make it clear that your email is worth taking a look at. Overuse of emojis in a subject line can dissuade some people from opening it because it may make it appear like a spamming or scamming ploy. Including customer’s names in a subject line can make your email marketing efforts more visible to people when they’re looking at a box of emails that are categorized as promotions. Of course, you’ll need a good CRM program that gives you the option to include names without any type of manual input.

Create Easy-to-Read Descriptive Content

The main body of your email should be a quick read that’s easy on the eyes. A couple of creative pictures can help but avoid including high resolution video content that could take too long to load when somebody is looking at emails on their phone’s network. Good email marketing content features bold headings with short paragraphs, and it has to get the job done in about thirty seconds or less. Put the most important information at the beginning of an email rather than the end.

Use Analytics to Identify What Efforts Are the Most Effective

When you send out emails, you should be using a program that will give you data on what the emails are doing for you. It’s helpful to see the volume of emails that prompt people to reply or check out your site, and it’s particularly advantageous to be able to discern the actual number of sales generated. When you can study what outreach strategies are the most successful, you can apply them consistently going forward and avoid repeating non helpful efforts.