Purchase Order Financing

You May Benefit By Using Purchase Order Financing

May business models are built on the concept of the preselling of goods. Typical businesses that utilize this or similar models are import-export firms, wholesalers, distributors, and producers. If you have a business like this and need an infusion of funds for any legitimate business needs, we at Rise Commercial Capital and Marketing can help.

We are experts in purchase order financing. In this arrangement, we provide short-term commercial capital to businesses so that they can pay suppliers upfront for verified but not yet paid for purchase orders. Purchase order financing is commonly used when unusually large orders are needed, beyond the immediate cash-flow availability of the business.

Main Benefits Provided By Purchase Order Financing

You will realize the following advantages by obtaining purchase order financing from us:

  • The ability to fulfill large customer orders
  • The opportunity to expand your market presence
  • Expansion possibility for your business
  • Funding that is fast and highly flexible
  • Enabling on-time delivery for your large customer orders

These are some of the major benefits, but there may even be more depending on your particular business situation.

We’d Love To Hear From You Today

We are available to review any questions you may have about purchase order financing. If you are ready to get the ball rolling, we can do that today as well.