TV, social media, emails and websites are full of ads bright, flashy ads. It can be difficult as a brand to break through the noise and reach your customers with just graphics and messaging, so personalizing your customer experience is an effective way to get their attention. Here are some ways to do this without violating their trust by using too much of their personal information without their permission.

1. Understand Who Your Customers Are

Personalizing your customer experience doesn’t just mean putting their names into emails. It means knowing who they are and what makes them tick. Do as much research as possible on your different audiences, and consider creating buyer personas to help you remember who you’re talking to. Use demographic information like age, gender, and location, but also try to learn if they’re early adopters, what kind of budget they’re on, and where else they like to do. These details will influence your designs, your copy and the platforms you use to advertise.

2. Show Your Customers What They Want To See

Make sure you’re being conscientious about using customers’ information, but consider how personalized touches can nudge them closer to a sale. Send them a coupon for their first order when they enter their email address, for example, or target them with social media ads with helpful information after they leave your website. Even something as simple as matching the graphics and tone of your social media ads to the posts your customers are sharing on those same platforms can make an impact. Touches like these will help build trust with your customers, which will help motivate them to not only buy one product from you, but to come back again and again.

3. Take Advantage of Your App’s Location Settings

If your business has an app that allows you to send location-based notifications, take advantage of this by sending coupons and other announcements to your customers as they enter your business. Since they downloaded your app and set what information they want you to have, this is often seen as helpful rather than creepy, and it can motivate them to purchase something while they’re there. Experiment with this feature to create the best interactive experience possible for your customers.

A personalized customer experience can be just what your business needs to break through the noise of flashy ads taking over the internet. Showing that you understand who your customers are and providing deals and information that fits them is a great way to increase sales and build trust.