Facebook is an excellent way to reach a wide audience, but to draw more visitors to your site, you need to create an appealing ad. This requires thought, research and the proper allocation of resources. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and money. So how can you ensure that your Facebook ad is successful? Here are the four steps you need to follow.

1. Create a Budget

You’ll need to spend money to create an effective and engaging ad, but how much is appropriate? To answer this question, you must make a budget.

Do some research to determine what’s a reasonable price for what you want. Decide on the most important aspects of your ad and allocate funds to create a budget. Then — and this is the most important part — stick to it. You may want to designate a small amount of funds for unexpected expenses, but it’s essential that you not overspend once you’ve set your financial boundaries. Otherwise, the ad may end up costing you more than it’s worth.

2. Focus on Images

Images are a great way to entice visitors from social media; vibrant, interesting pictures draw the eye and engage audiences. As you consider which images to include, make sure you put an emphasis on quality. This means technical quality, such as having high resolution and responsive images that are easy to view on a mobile device. It also means images that are original, inviting and applicable to the topic. There are many websites where you can purchase images for use in a Facebook ad and not all of them offer high quality options, so be discerning in your image choices.

3. Link to Landing Pages

Where is your ad going to lead visitors? Rather than sending them directly to the homepage or contact page, you should link your ad to an applicable landing page. These are webpages that offer helpful information, such as what services you offer. For example, if you create an ad that describes you as the best emergency plumber you should link to a landing page that describes your emergency plumbing services.

4. Specialize Ads for Target Audiences

The most effective ads target specific audiences. If you’re appealing to individuals who need your services, you’re more likely to see an increase in conversions. If you’re just trying to reach as many people as possible, regardless of their demographic, you may see an increase in visitors, but also a higher bounce rate. Make sure to look at your audience insights and use that information to inform your ad creation.