Optimizing the visibility and quality of your LinkedIn account profile has several benefits. When you take steps to make the most of your LinkedIn Account, you can enhance your credibility and establish more professional connections.

Make Your Profile Open

A private profile won’t display very much pertinent information to someone who is interested in learning more about you. Upgrade to a premium account so you can set your profile to be public.

Set Your Links Deliberately

Your profile will likely show some default links near the bottom. However, you can substitute the defaults for links of your choosing to feature the connections and contributions that you want to bring attention to.

Connect Your Personal Profile With Your Company Profile

Your company page should be easy to find on your personal page. People who are looking for you should be readily able to find your company and vice versa.

Take Advantage of Groups

Being the administrator of a LinkedIn group allows you to send fifteen messages per month to all of the group members. Sharing information with a group established you as a leader among your peers who people will want to reach out to.

Share Updates on Twitter

When you make an update on LinkedIn, you can utilize other social media platforms such as Twitter to get the message as visible as possible. By touching base with people on more than one platform, you can get the attention of colleagues or clients who don’t visit LinkedIn as often as other sites.

Contribute to Pulse

LinkedIn’s news site, Pulse, features a variety of news and interesting content published by LinkedIn users. Write items for pulse and share the links on your account page and with your groups. Your contributions will help you show your authoritative knowledge of important issues affecting your industry. People who are looking for more information on the subject that you’re writing about you can find your account page after reading your content.

Use Ads

Ads on LinkedIn can be targeted to users who fit specific criteria, so your promotional efforts can be closely geared to the individuals who are most likely to be responsive to them. You can set in parameters such as industry, job title, or company size.

LinkedIn is a dynamic resource that you shouldn’t overlook. Putting some thought and attention into how you use your account so that you can project the image that you want to, get more attention for your business, and showcase your individual skills and experience in your industry.