The term “target audience” gets tossed around a lot in marketing circles. Who are these people? How can you market effectively to the right audience? The answers can have a huge impact on your conversion rates, sales and brand loyalty. It takes a little planning to figure out how to reach the best customers with your message, but the results are worth it.

What Is a Target Audience?

Imagine your ideal customers. They’re the ones who purchase your product and come back for more. Most of the time, these customers are your target audience. In other words, all of your advertising is directed at them. Your business lives and breathes to convince those people that you’re the best choice.

Of course, different marketing campaigns can have different purposes. What if your objective is also to attract a more general audience of people who may have less immediate interest in purchasing but provide valuable leads for the future? This is what business-to-business companies do when they visit trade shows to make great contacts that may pan out down the road.

In this case, your target audience is a little broader. You’re focusing on top-of-the-funnel and bottom-of-the-funnel clients with your messaging.

How Can You Get To Know Your Target Audience?

The key to determining the best audience for your marketing is doing research. If you’re trying to attract new clients, that means market research. You need to understand what kinds of people buy products like yours. Demographics information is valuable here whether you run a restaurant, clothing store or e-commerce website.

You can also use your company records. Does your company get most of its profits from working moms and dads, hip couples or adventurous college grads? This data can help you identify what type of ads make the most sense to invest your marketing dollars in.

How Can You Increase Your Value With Target Audiences?

Once you’ve identified target audiences, use the information to adapt your company to the right client. This can influence everything from core values and manufacturing processes to advertising avenues and web pages. The more you show that your company solves the problems of your target audience or makes their lives easier, the more effective your marketing is. If your clients care about sustainability, for example, be a sustainable company.

Knowing who your message is directed to makes a major difference in how effective your ad campaigns are. After all, if you send messaging related to bulk discounts to people who don’t want to buy your product in the first place, it’s a waste of money. You need to send the right ads to the right clients.